Manipulating in DSM


If you are looking for some hints and tips when using DesignSpark Mechanical try looking in the tutorials area on our website or on Youtube, search ‘DesignSpark’. Here is a taster on what you will find, this tutorial shows you how to Manipulate your  CAD design.

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History Makers Podcast Part 1

It’s here! The first (and second and third!) hilarious Podcast about all things tech and the Makers from history who helped make it all possible. Featuring Dr Lucy Rogers from Robot Wars, award-winning comedian Bec Hill and comedy songwriting genius Harriet Braine!  Episode one is all about wireless communications.

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Combining the depths of sound with Nsynth and the Pi


The Open NSynth Super is an experimental physical interface for the NSynth based around a Raspberry Pi and a custom PCB. The Nsynth Super extracts the characteristics of sounds and uses machine learning to create entirely new sounds from the original sources.

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